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  • 地区:欧美
  • 导演:威尔森·康尼贝尔
  • 主演:唐纳德·萨瑟兰 文森特·卡塞瑟 Oliver Dennis 保罗·布朗斯坦 Paul Amato Matt Baram 丹·贝尔尼 乔安妮·博兰德 Alexander Crowther Charlie Ebbs 洁斯·萨尔圭罗
  • 上映:2019
  • 更新:2019-01-30
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American Hangman is a thriller built around a relentlessly ticking clock and a rapidly approaching deadline and verdict. A kidnapping, broadcast live on social media, turns into the trial of a judge who presided over a botched criminal case. This time, however, the audience gets to play judge and jury, deciding if the judge himself gets to live or die.