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  • 地区:欧美
  • 导演:巴特·弗伦德里希
  • 主演:迈克尔·珊农 卡拉·古奇诺 泰勒·约翰·史密斯 猛狼之队 孤注一掷
  • 上映:2016
  • 更新:2018-07-10
9.0 9.0


Anthony Keller (Taylor John Smith), star of his NYC high school basketball team, is riding his way to Cornell on a sports scholarship. He can only maintain his popular jock facade for so long, as his troubled father Lee (Michael Shannon) has a gambling addiction that threatens to derail his dreams both on and off the court. Bart Freundlich"s powerfully directed drama co-stars Carla Gugino.